Elette Fragments is a story based beat em up game, a cross between interactive fiction and something Capcom would have released back in the day. You play as Benviolo, the axe wielding star of the play, as he solves the mystery of not just a missing jewel but missing colors in his home town of Lotte. It features a unique storytelling experience using the stage and Elette's distinct hand drawn paper cut out style of art while not backing down on the actual beat em up style game play.

Why is it called Fragments?

We expect Elette fragments to tell many of the smaller stories from the characters in Elette. This means the game will be updated every so often with a new story/play and new features and mechanics to go along with it. For example, we currently have 1-2 small mini games during the acting scenes, and we to expand on that, making the acting scenes not just the way you experience the story, but their own fun and engaging mechanics. We will also be adding new characters, items and powerups, and blocking/dashing to the combat engine.


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I took a look at Elette Fragments and I'm impressed how good game you have here. I'm not the biggest fan of web based games since the earlier days of flash. But you show how good games for the web can be. Nice to see you going with HTML 5 and not Flash. Flash might still dominate the web game arena but with developers like you, it gonna change. 

Elette Fragments has a good story going for it. Strong beginning and good development during the gameplay. Fun concept for a beat em up game to see everything as a big theater and an active audience. Nice to see the workers active on the scense and all characters as cut out figures. 

I see a good game and hope you gonna continue on this story and the system. Ex more variation in music for the scenes. When it came to the battle system, I felt that the range attack were the only useful attack in the game. Escpecially when  the enemies group up against you. Maybe do something there so the other attacks becomes more useful. So I hoping for more variations of attacks and weapons as you mentions in the description. 

Awesome game and keep up with the development of these web based games. The future looks bright.